#RootsTime & KingDavid (#SwagGad) Collab in the Studio

RootsTime collaborating in the studio with fresh new Jamaican artist, King David (aka SwagGad)...King David's energetic up-tempo vocals; futuristic lyrics, and his ability to rap, deejay, and sing up-tempo; create his own unique style of vocals

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New single from Stinga D aka 1Hr (Cleon Williams) - "Battle Field" on the iDrop Riddim

Getting the RootstimeProduction YouTube channel together little by little. Here is the new tune from Stinga D aka 1Hr (Cleon Williams) - "Battle Field" featured on the iDrop Riddim. Now posted up on YouTube....

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RootsTime Presents New Music: Musical Sniper - "Homeland"

The wait is over and the new single "Homeland" from Musical Sniper (aka Rappa Robert) is now available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/homeland-single/id1137595471

Musical Sniper - Homeland

This song is about the joyful reminiscing of home; longing for that heart-felt place one calls home, and all the beautiful things that come with it. Featuring the call and response vocal harmonies that give Musical Sniper that unique and uplifting sound. This song also gives tribute to the traditions of Jamaican and African folk melodies passed on though generations of music, culture, and song; while remaining progressive with a driving new sound. Another big tune from the man called the Musical "Rappa" .....The full length album is in the works...soon come!!!!!!!

Top 25 Reggae Singles: Rappa Robert (Musical Sniper) - Gone

Rootstime prod. and Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert new single; "Gone" on the iDrop Riddim album, is steadily climbing up the charts in the Jamaica Weekly Music Countdown Charts. This tune is gaining support of fans and music lovers around the globe; with it's combination of classic roots reggae, progressive production, and a forward sounding mix; Musical Sniper (Rappa Robert) - "Gone" delivers a conscious lyrical message with the smooth style tenor vocals of Rappa Robert aka Musical Sniper, reminiscent of Jimmy Cliff or Tabby of the Mighty Diamonds. We give thanks for the support of the fans in Jamaica calling into the radio station and the radio dj's playing the tune. To everyone expressing their love and support, all the encouragement and positive vibes give us great strength to carry on. We are currently in the studio working on brand new music for an upcoming EP and full length album for Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert. Look for the EP to release soon....and Stay tuned! Roots Time is Now!

Rootstime New EP with Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert

Currently in the studio mixing the final couple tracks to be added to the Brand New EP from Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert. With hit singles from currently blazing up the charts in Jamaica, this long awaited project from Musical Sniper, aka Rappa Robert, will feature new music hot off the press; And it is just a taste of his upcoming full length album featuring all new original music.