Rootstime MUSIC Artists



Luciano, is a Jamaican second-generation roots reggae artist. With the release of his landmark CD "Where There Is Life" in 1995, Luciano emerged as one of the most important reggae singers in decades and the greatest hope for roots reggae's survival in the digital / dancehall era. Since that much acclaimed release, Luciano's music has been consistently praised for imparting sentiments of spiritual salvation, edification and humanitarian up- liftment. Rootstime production presents a timeless classic with Luciano - "Never Leave the Roots"; from the iDrop Riddim (Rootstime Riddim) album.


Mikey Dread

Mikey Dread was one of the most influential performers and innovators in reggae music. His musical insight, technical expertise, and unique vocal delivery combined to create a sound dubbed: “Dread at the Controls." Rootstime production is honored to be a part of Mikey Dread's discography with the track; "Prophecy" ( Jah Soldiers: Musical Weapon Volume 1 ); featuring Mikey Dread singing alongside the Jah Soldiers band. This rare recording of Mikey Dread singing on a track he personally selected from the Jah Soldiers archives, is deeply spiritual in message, with an emotional delivery from a truly legendary artist.



Big Mountain

Big Mountain made their international mark with their Top 10 hit single and unique reggae version of Peter Frampton's, "Baby I Love Your Way". Big Mountain reggae band started in the mid-80's as the California Reggae band Rainbow Warriors, growing into the band Shiloh, and then Big Mountain; helping pave the way for the multitude of bands in California and on the West Coast reggae music circuit. Rootstime production track with Big Mountain - "Rootstime Riddim" off the iDrop Riddim album features Big Mountain's signature harmonies and is a lyrical testament to those early days during the California roots reggae scene when;  "...reggae music takin' over neighborhoods..." with "...Roots and Culture..."


Freddie McGregor

Internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer, Freddie McGregor, has been moving people with his conscious lyrics for over 40 years.  Equally at home in lovers rock or roots & culture, his signature vocals topped the charts with numerous hits including; "Big Ship Sailing" and "Push Come to Shove". Rootstime production combined with Freddie Mcgregor on the tune "For Your Love" off the iDrop Riddim album for a classic reggae swing sound; featuring the harmonies of Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert.



Soul Redemption

Soul Redemption (aka Moroni, or Bradda Mo), has been compared to reggae singers; Luciano, and Lucky Dube; but it is his uniquely Hawaiian musical roots, reggae foundation, and charismatic lyrical delivery that Rootstime production wanted to highlight and bring to the world on the iDrop Riddim (aka Rootstime Riddim): Various Reggae Artists compilation album with Soul Redemption track: "Love Is".

Junior P.

Junior P, (aka Junior Pang) born Clement Campbell from Kingston Jamaica, won his first local talent show at 7 years old. Junior P has a soul-stirring and emotional performance style, that is a testament to his abilities as a sought after singer and songwriter. He raw and energetic vocal style, and rhythmic vocal "hooks" combine with a deep soulful delivery. Rootstime production features Junior P's hit song "So Long" on the iDrop Riddim (aka Rootstime Riddim): Various Reggae Artists album; and "Holy Mount Zion" on Jah Soldiers: Musical Weapon Vol1; where he delivers a soul stirring vocal performance, over the challenging 5/4 polyrhythmic track with Jah Soldiers, that represents the great musical, and vocal ability of Junior P as an artist.



Peter Hunnigale

Peter Hunnigale was born to sing lovers rock and has won of several awards throughout his career. Rootstime production is honored to present the hit single: "Got to Be Joy" with Tippa Irie and Peter Hunnigale on the iDrop Riddim: Various Artists album.

Kalani Kealoha

Kalani Kealoha soulful voice gained the attention of many traditional Hawaiian musicians and singers in his Ohana (family), and helped him win a Hawaiian Hoku award in 1995. His vocal abilities made him the goto harmony guy for many local “Jawaiian” artists, where his brief featured solo performances are always a hit with the crowd. Kalani Kealoha’s tune, “Irie Eyes”,  features his smooth “lover’s rock” style vocals and the sweet Hawaiian Lap-Steel guitar of legendary Hawaiian musician, Greg Sardina. This unique combination of lap-steel guitar over the roots reggae iDrop Riddim (aka Rootstime Riddim), highlights Kalani Kealoha’s distinct “Hawaiian style” vocals and brings a fresh new sound to the world of reggae music that is uniquely; "Hawaiian".



Anthony B.

Anthony B, with his rich vocals and audacious lyrics, carries a depth and substance that is rare in the industry. Internationally, his fan-base has grown because he speaks about the universal concerns of suffering and salvation. "The greatest thing about reggae music is that it's about concepts and ideas," says the artiste " are speaking to people on issues they live and can relate to."

Rootstime production presents Anthony B - "King of Kings" from Jah Soldiers Musical Weapon Vol1 album; And Luciano and Anthony B - Never Leave the Roots (Remix) from iDrop Riddim (Rootstime Riddim) album.


Belizean reggae singer ELJAI is one of the shining new beacons of reggae music who is quickly extending his light throughout the world. Eljai's characteristic soul-filled voice and ability to express human emotions through catchy melodies has catapulted him to international audiences. Eljai's roots and culture single "Chozen"; featured on Rootstime production's iDrop Riddim: Various Artist album; is steadily gaining international support and recently helped secure him a prime slot in the Tony Rebel; Rebel Salute Concert series in Jamaica.





RoxiRock; Rakisha and Raquel Wilson, born and raised in Jamaica; grew up in a musical environment singing background vocals in the studio from an early age with their dad Rappa Robert (aka Musical Sniper). Many influences played a part in their love of all genre of music. Being constantly around musicians and artists, and the sound systems on the streets of Jamaica playing; Dennis Brown, Marcia Griffiths, and Beres Hammond; are some of their earliest musical memories still influencing them today. Rootstime production presents RoxiRock's debut single "Samething".

Musical Sniper A.K.A. Rappa Robert

Musical Sniper (aka Rappa Robert) shines with his soulful vocals. It is his love of DJing that honed his rhythmic vocal precision from an early age. With a new album on the horizon, and a world tour in the making, music with such time invested in production and craft, stands predominantly in the generic ‘fast-food’ production so common today. Musical Sniper (Rappa Robert) with his encouraging songs, gives a voice to the less fortunate while representing a seasoned sound perfected through time. Rootstime production is currently in full production on a brand new album with Musical Sniper aka Rappa Robert.




Fiji is one of the biggest Polynesian artists of our time. His golden voice and musical blends have launched him on the world stage as a pioneer of the pacific island sound. His distinct vocal ability and genuine fusion of Reggae, Hip-Hop, R & B and Jazz set Fiji apart as a performer. Rootstime Production has produced the music for three songs by Fiji: "Indigenous Life" (Title track from Fiji "Indigenous Life" album) ; "Tequila Sunrise" (reggae version track 6 from Fiji's "Xperience" album) ; "Distant Lover" feat. Damon Williams, from Fiji's "Transition" album ; and co-produced "Queen's Cry" (track 9 from Fiji's "Gratitude" album); Along with performing and arranging guitar for Fiji's Grammy nominated song "Warrior of Love" on the Island Warriors album.

Ishmel McAnuff

Rootstime production is honored to have Ishmel Mcanuff be a part of the album: iDrop Riddim (aka Rootstime Riddim): Various Reggae Artists. His tune, “Time a Get Tough” carries the strength and wisdom in lyrical advice from his mom, as well as a custom lead melody guitar that is unique to his track, with the guitar highlighting Ishmel’s emotional delivery and lyrical content, making it a standout on the album.



Yami Bolo

Yami Bolo's Rastafarian inspired music is listened to around the world. As an ambassador for reggae, he has conducted Rastafari cultural studies at world renowned universities, In addition, Bolo has collaborated with some of reggae's greatest artists and producers; including Damian Marley, Tenor Saw, Sugar Minott, Capleton, Tapper Zukie, Sly and Robbie, and King Jammys Studios. His success as a reggae artist has allowed him to record many songs professing the Rastafarian faith as taught by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church throughout his three decades in the reggae industry.

Stinga D A.K.A. 1Hr

Rootstime Production is honored to feature an artist as talented as Stinga D. aka 1Hr. Featuring his hit single "Battle Field" now available for digital download.

iDrop Riddim (aka Rootstime Riddim): Various Reggae Artists project.



General Jah Mikey

General Jah Mikey serves up conscious reggae lyrics with his rich, seasoned sound. His timeless classic "Footprints", on the Far East Riddim, is recognized as one of the great reggae songs of all time. Jah Mikey's distinct soulful voice resonates through his lyrical message to nourish the soul. Rootstime Production features General Jah Mikey on a couple tracks on the Jah Soldiers Musical Weapon Vol1. album. General Jah Mikey - "Workin For The Father"; "Carry Jah Load"; "Give I Faith"; and "Life to Live" (feat. Junior.P).

Tippa Irie

Anthony Henry - a.k.a. "Tippa Irie" - emerged from England's Saxon Sound International - the star-studded travelling sound system that has been at the forefront of the U.K. reggae dancehall scene for the past 25 years. Tippa Irie has produced fifteen albums to date and has a string of number 1 hit songs to his credit including Grammy winning "Hey Mama" with the Black Eyed Peas,  "Hello Darling", "Raggamuffin Girl" (featuring Peter Hunnigale), and more...Rootstime production's musical history with Tippa, through the Jah Soldiers band, spans over 20 years live performance and studio works with Tippa Irie (feat. Peter Hunnigale) - "Got to be Joy" from the iDrop Riddim album; and: Tippa Irie - "All the Masses (aka Most High)" and "Soon Come" from the Musical Weapon Vol1 album with Jah Soldiers band.




Blessed P (Delroy Pearson) got his start in music industry as a child in the hills of Jamaica, helping his father load up his father’s sound system into their “donkey hamper”. From these humble country roots, he grew in the music to have mentors: Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Sanchez, and other giants of the music industry. The same way he was encouraged by mentors he encouraged Danger Cat to start recording and they started doing combination tracks.

Danger Cat (Stanley Rone), also hailing from the Jamaican countryside in St. Catherine; As a youth, looked up to Super Cat, and General Trees for musical inspiration. He performs with many top sound systems including Black Scorpio, among may others.

Rootstime prod. premier collaboration with Blessed P and Danger Cat, is the bumping HipHop Reggae style single:

RootsTime ft Blessed P and Danger Cat - “Work Hard”